Title Description
Designing for cultural perceptual factors in information retrieval Two experimental search systems used to investigate cultural factors in interactive information retrieval.
Ontology representation and reasoning with SMem in Soar Tools for representing OWL ontologies in Soar's semantic memory module, and an agent with an inference module.
T2Util A simple, object-oriented API for remotely accessing peak lists from the mass spectrometer's database.
XLinkCandidate Uses T2Util to get information from specified instrument. Using MS peak list, looks for peaks of specified mass difference (e.g., 112 Da) to infer potential crosslink candidates. Outputs an inclusion list than can be used to run MS-MS. This is not a cross-linked peptide validation tool, but rather a way to find potential crosslink candidates.
Bash Test Simple Bash Test Simple is a very simple testing framework for bash. Features hooks, formatted output and summaries for tests arranged into test suites.
drinks-i-like A simple RESTful web app for logging drinks I like. Uses Mojolicious::Lite & Backbone.js.
Genetic algorithms & Traveling Salesman problem Simple (but heavily parameterized) tool for testing genetic algorithms on the traveling saleman problem. All parameters are optional, and have default values; the real value of this tool is to learn how various variables in genetic algorithm impact its efficacy.
wormj Port of BSD game "worm" to Clojure.
Sudoku solver A brute-force Sudoku solver written in C++.
MIDI HTTP Server An HTTP server that plays MIDI notes. Three shell scripts that play major, minor and chromatic scales.
randomf Command-line utility for creating test files with random data of specified size.
Shell scripts A collection of my shell scripts.
Tranche Distributed archiving software used to provide redundancy, data pedigree and integrity for scientific data sets. Optional AES encryption, compression and SSL. This software was used for the