Bryan Smith
Software Engineering Manager



  • Languages: Scala, Java, JavaScript
  • Web: AngularJS, React


  • Languages: C, Perl, Clojure, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift
  • Web: Mojolicious, Rails
  • Mobile: iOS (Objective-C), Android (Java)
  • CMS: Drupal, Movable Type, WordPress, DLXS
  • Other: XSLT, Bash


Center for Machine Learning, Capital One

Machine Learning Manager  •  May 2018 through present

Learning Objects

Software Engineering Team Lead  •  June 2013 through May 2018
  • November 2016: Engineering Manager
  • July 2015: Software Engineering Team Lead
  • August 2014: Senior Software Engineer (SEIII)
  • June 2013: Software Engineer (SEII)

MPublishing, University of Michigan

Software Developer  •  August 2010 through May 2013
  • Design and develop web sites, applications and workflow tools to support digital publishing
  • Develop, customize archiving and content-management platforms (DLXS, WordPress and Drupal)
  • Provide technical support for our electronic publishing operations, Dept. of Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan

Java Developer  •  January 2007 through August 2010
  • Participate in core development of Tranche project (secure P2P distributed file system) and
  • Development of proteomics tools and other ancillary applications such as dataset annotations, pipeline development, backup services
  • Server administration and maintenance

Washtenaw Community College

Instructor  •  January 2004 through August 2006
  • Designing for the User Experience: information architecture, with brief introduction to accessibility, usability engineering and SEO.
  • Internet Technology: high-level overview of Internet technology.
  • Web Coding I & II: web development with XHTML and CSS, with brief introductions to XML/XSLT, WML and SGML.



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Research experience


Volunteer  •  August 2009 through May 2010

Semantic memory (the storage and retrieval of facts about the world), including the development of tools to work with ontologies as well as performing tractable inferential reasoning.

De novo sequencing

Independent  •  May 2009 through August 2009

Attempt to automate the identifiction of proteins from mass spectrometer output using genetic algorithms and applications of discrete mathematics. (Limited success for shorter sequences, but tractability and false positive problems for longer sequences).